From highly targeted advertising to real-time crisis management to the dawn of organic marketing, social media has transformed the way brands connect with their consumers. Shon Christy Social Media offers a comprehensive suite of social media services to help you get the most out of this impactful marketing tool.

Social Media Strategy

At Shon Christy Social Media, every social media engagement starts with a well-defined strategy. Centered on three key goals, your strategy ensures that all efforts drive a solid return on investment. While metrics such as likes, reach and click-throughs are important, we focus on your bottom line and delivering the results you really want from your online marketing.

  • Asset Audit
  • Strategy Creation
  • Employee Adoption Program

Social Media Consulting

Often organizations make a decent start with social media activity but hit a ceiling where their social media marketing knowledge is capped. We get it… keeping up with the rapidly evolving trends and technologies is a full-time job. Our job. Shon Christy Social Media can help take your social media marketing to the next level with a solid strategy, calculated content optimization and user-friendly tools. All to boost your results and revenue!

  • Goals & Measurement Session
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Monthly Evaluation

Corporate Training

Most organizations are either participating in social media marketing or know they should be. However, many are not engaging their greatest asset – their team. Our social media employee engagement program will help your content reach and engagement by leveraging your internal advocates. We also offer social media training programs to align your sales and marketing teams. Lastly, our social selling and LinkedIn training programs help reduce your cold calling efforts and maximize your networking opportunities, while removing traditional barriers like time and geography.

  • Social Profile Optimization
  • Social Media Team Scorecard
  • Social Selling Program Creation

Platform Management

Not every organization has the staff or the time to execute a solid social media strategy. Shon Christy Social Media can help with content creation, community management, reputation management and social media reporting. If you need expert help with your day-to-day social media activity, we can assist. We can also jump in and support campaign-specific needs, such as paid social media advertising and special events social media (e.g. live Twitter/Instagram feeds).

  • Content Creation
  • Community Management
  • Reputation Management

Speaking Events

Shon Christy is one of Ohio’s most experienced social media marketers with a proven track record of significant results for both for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations. If you are looking for a dynamic social media speaker with real-world examples and results, you have come to the right place! Shon has presented at hundreds of Akron and Cleveland events, as well as on the national stage.

  • Social Media Speaker
  • Social Selling Speaker
  • Recruitment & Retention Speaker

Interested in learning more about how social media can help you reach your business goals? Get in touch!